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news 24 / 05

Maintenance completed 24/05

Start 2nd Maintenance Phase -Skills of Pets Fixed, Enraged at lvl max is given a +50 attack value. -Skills of Pets that did not take effect are already corrected. -Added Item Pet Reverti / Pet R... Read More

news 25 / 04

End of Easter Event 2019 / Fim do Evento P ...

- Easter Event ends on April 28 at 11:59 pm. Overnight the Rabbit will be removed and the special items will be removed from the Eggs. - Evento da Páscoa termina dia 28 de Abril as 23h59m. Duran... Read More

news 10 / 04

Youtubers and Streamers

- We look for Youtubers and Streamers. If you are interested please send private message on Facebook with channel link. - Procuramos Youtubers e Streamers. Caso estejas interessado por favor env... Read More

news 06 / 04

Easter Event 2019 / Evento Páscoa 2019

TheEaster Egg have been stolen by the monsters that in the maps. Get them back and go to the Rabbit! Os Ovos coloridos foram roubados pelos monstros que se encontram espelhados pelos mapas. Recup... Read More

news 08 / 03

Candidaturas Game Master Abertas!/ Applica ...

Boa noite. Informamos que estão abertas as candidaturas a Game Master. Tens algum tempo livre? Falas/escreves bem Inglês ou ate mesmo fluentemente? Se quiseres ajudar, deves enviar Ticket para o ... Read More

news 08 / 03

Maintenance completed 08/03

:!: Maintenance completed. Rectifications Increased rate of improvement of items. Increase the drop of Zen Bean in metins. The Mounted Certificates start to give 20% Strength against Monster... Read More

news 05 / 03

Maintenance completed 04/03

Actualização 4/03 Ligeiro aumento % de acerto dos itens Aumento do drop dos Pergaminho da bênção Aumento do Drop dos Feijões zen Repostos os ícones das pedras espiritas Aumento dos valores das P... Read More

news 03 / 03

Maintenance completed

Maintenance completed. We corrected: - The Bug of the Initial Weapons. - The Refinement Item Bug - Increasing the drop of events... Read More

news 24 / 07

Opening soon

Fall Metin2 under development, opening soon. Fall Metin2 em fase de desenvolvimento, com abertura para breve.... Read More

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